Worshiping our Creator will be an intergral aspect of our time together. In light of our theme, our worship services will be inspired by the Iona Community in Scotland. Rev. Stacy Smith-who spent significant time in the Iona Community- will be our music leader, and in collaboration with Rev. Hansen Wendlant and Rev. Ashley-Anne Masters, she will be crafting worship services rooted in the Iona Community resources and style of worship. Rev. Dr. Bill Brown will give a meditation each evening in light of the day’s discussions, and will preach during the Service of Communion and Closing Celebration on Saturday prior to our departure. Worship will include time for singing, time for prayer, time for reflection, time indoors, time outdoors, and most importatnly, a time to give thanks to God and “Be still and know.”

About the Iona Community:

We are full Members, Associate, Youth and Staff Members, Volunteers and Friends of the Iona Community. What we share, expressed in many different ways, is an experience of the liberating power of Jesus Christ, and a commitment to the personal and social transformation that spring from the vision and values of the gospel.

Members share a common Rule which includes:

  • Daily prayer and reading the Bible
  • Mutual sharing and accountability for our use of time and money
  • Regular meeting together
  • Action and reflection for justice, peace and the integrity of creation
Members meet regularly throughout the year in local groups and in 4 plenary gatherings, including a week on Iona.
As well as serving on the decision and policy-making bodies of the Community’s corporate work, members particularly focus on a two-year theme which shapes and informs its programmes and publications.  The current theme is Peace. A commitment to Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation is an integral part of the Rule of the Iona Community, and a key aspect of our lives both as individuals and as a community. The Peace Working Group is currently conducting an audit of how we live out this part of our rule – as members, as local “Family”groups, and as a whole community. Members’ involvement varies according to the area they live in and their individual circumstances, but it is clear that across the community there is an unwavering commitment to peace and justice, reflected in many types of activity, from quiet peacemaking in our neighbourhoods and families, to political lobbying and nonviolent opposition to weapons of mass destruction