About Highlands

Our check-in time is 
4:00 p.m.
Our check-out time is
10:00 a.m.

 Please contact the office if you need other

arrangements for check-in and check-out.

Please do not schedule any activities that might be disruptive to other groups during quiet hours from 10:30PM – 6:30AM

WHAT TO EXPECT:  We strive to meet our guests highest expectations.  Please check with our staff if you have questions that are not addressed.
Pets are not allowed on site or in buildings due to the multiple group use of our facility and wildlife habitats at camp.
Cell phones do not work at Highlands.  Please give relatives or friends, who may need to contact you during your stay, our number: 303-747-2888.

We will gladly give you messages when the office is open.  For after hours emergencies, callers are directed to staff members’ phone numbers to call so that we may bring you a message no matter what time of day or night.

There is a phone in our lobby for guests to use for local and long-distance calling within the United States at no additional charge.
WHAT TO BRING:  Personal gear and toiletry items. Bedding and towels will be provided in Retreat Center and Cabins for this event specifically. Since the camp is located at 8,500 ft., please plan to dress for temperatures 10-15 degrees cooler than those found on the Front Range. If you plan to hike or take long walks, sunscreen, appropriate footwear, a hat and a water bottle are highly recommended.
DINING ROOM SET UP:  In order to minimize your costs, guests are expected to help in clean up after each meal by returning their dishes to the dish room and wiping down their tables in the dining room that they use. 
CLEAN UP:  Retreat Center:  On your last day, please strip your beds, put all soiled linens & towels in pillow cases and place them outside the bedroom door. Cabins:  Cleaning instructions are posted in each cabin.  A $50 fee per cabin will be added to your bill should these instructions not be followed.
MISCELLANEOUS:Because we have a variety of facilities we can serve several groups at one time.  You may be sharing the Dining area with at least one other group.·  Vehicles on site must follow posted signs designating speed limits, restrictions, traffic areas, parking, delivery and pick-up areas.

  • Parking is located in front of the Retreat Center with overflow parking on the ball field.  Parking and/or driving is not permitted near the cabins.

·  Non-passenger vehicles:  Highlands prohibits the transportation of persons in non-passenger vehicles(example: backs of pickup trucks, wagons or trailers, etc.)

·  Medical/First Aid:  User groups are to provide their own first aid and emergency care, designate individual[s] responsible for first aid and emergency care and emergency transportation, provide their own first aid supplies and equipment, and follow emergency procedures.   Highlands Presbyterian Camp & Retreat Center is not responsible for medical care for user groups.  For your protection and in order to comply with our ACA accreditation requirements, we require that each group have an individual on site who holds First Aid and CPRcertifications (with both certifications received from nationally-recognized providers). An emergency phone is available at the front desk of the Retreat Center.  Allenspark Fire Protection District can be reached by calling 911.

·  Emergency transportation:  We require that user groups have medical emergency transportation available at all times.  This specifies that you must have a vehicle on site that is in operational order and has enough fuel to reach the emergency care location.  The closest hospital is located in Estes Park.

·  No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons, firearms, ammunition, or fireworks or their consumption and/or use are allowed anywhere on camp property.

·  Participant information:  Group leaders are to gather the following information from all group participants:  name and address, emergency contact names and numbers, any known allergies or health conditions requiring treatment, restriction or other accommodation while on site.  For minors without a parent on site, signed permission to seek emergency treatment or a signed religious waiver is required.

·  No smoking is permitted in buildings.  Additionally, smoking is strongly discouraged on site.  If there is a need to smoke outside, please utilize the gray receptacles located at the west and northeast Retreat Center exits.

·  Candles are not permitted in any sleeping area.

·  Environmental Concerns:  No ATV’s are permitted on site.  For the protection of our property please stay on designated paths.  No woodcutting is permitted.  Fire wood is available on request. Property damage:  Do not mark on anything on camp property.  If property is damaged, the individual and/or group will be assessed charges for the repair and/or replacement of the property plus labor.

·  Food is not permitted in sleeping areas of the Retreat Center or cabins.  Non-perishable, purchased snacks and beverages that do not require refrigeration or heating are permitted in the retreat center meetingrooms.  Food preparation is only permitted in cabins with kitchens. If you are staying in a cabin with a kitchen, food preparation guidelines are posted and must be adhered to by all user groups preparing their own meals or snacks.

·  Personal sports equipment:  It is the responsibility of the group leader to ensure that all sports equipment provided by the group or group participants be stored properly for the safety of all.  Please contact Highlands for information on using our equipment.  No personal gear may be used on climbing areas.

·  Supervision of children and youth:  We require that the following ratios be adhered to at all times in the supervision of children and youth:

Camper Age            # Staff        Overnight Campers           Day-only
4-5 years               1                        5                              6
6-8 years               1                        6                              8
9-14 years             1                        8                              10
15-18 years           1                        10                            12

Highlands Presbyterian Camp & Retreat Center does not authorize any exceptions to ratio requirement regulations. Supervisory staff must be 18 years of age or older and at least 2 years older than the minors with whom they are working.  There should be a minimum of two adults present at all times.

  • Specialized activities, including archery, the Challenge Course, canoeing, rock climbing, horseback riding, and mountain biking, can only be used according to prior arrangements with Highlands and appropriate personnel.  Any group participating in a specialized activity is required to follow the activity’s “Specialized Activity Operating Procedures” and sign our approved release of liability forms.
  • Audio/Visual Equipment:  PA system, DVD, VCR, TV, audiocassette tape and CD player, LCD and overhead projectors, and screens can be scheduled for your use in advance of your retreat.  Easels (please bring your own paper pads and markers) and dry erase boards are also available upon request.
  • Copy Machine/Fax:  Available during office hours.  Cost is $.10 per copy/sheet.
  • Questions & Emergencies:  If there are problems with anything in your facility, please notify one of our staff members.  After hours, emergency numbers and the phone numbers of on-site staff are posted by the phone in the main lobby.
  • Exceptions:  Exceptions or amendments to this contract are subject to review & approval by the Executive Director and/or Camp Committee.
The leader of the group is required to orient the participants to Highlands’ safety procedures and regulations.

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